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Become a Digital Subscriber for $45 per year and get exclusive download access
to all new musical releases and the back catalogue in a range of high quality audio formats.

Subscribers receive regular New Music Updates by email with download links to music in formats
including 24-bit Studio/DVD-quality WAV, CD-quality WAV (16-bit) and 320kbps MP3.

WAV and MP3 audio are universally recognised formats and are supported on all computers, tablets,
smartphones and mobile devices. Downloaded music can be managed with iTunes or Windows Media Player,
stored and played on any media device, and burnt to CD or DVD-Audio disc.
All music files are zipped (.zip) and will unzip automatically when the download is complete.

Updates reguarly include download links for music from the existing catalogue,
and subscribers are encouraged to request any music they would like for download inclusion.

Purchase a 12 month Digital Subscription using the PayPal purchase link below.

Managing Downloads

1 / If you have a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, audio files should first be downloaded using a standard PC or MAC computer,
then transferred to your mobile device using iTunes (iPhone, iPad) or Windows Media Player (Android). Downloading and managing
zipped files on mobile devices currently isn't easy to do or universally supported, and so isn't recommended.

2 / To make an audio CD, use the 16-bit CD-WAV files - these are optimised for CD-quality audio.

3 / To make a DVD-audio disc, use the 24-bit WAV files - these are optimised for DVD-quality audio.

4 / On some much older computers, you may need to manually unzip the zipped files - use WinZip for PC and Stuffit Expander for MAC,
then import the files into iTunes or Windows Media Player.

If you have any questions regarding Digital Subscriptions, please CONTACT US with your enquiry.

James & Co.

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